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The United Naked Nations

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We are starting a revolution. Society and the people in it have reverted to lemmings, and we are here to help break free those chains of conformity. This shall be our secret meeting place to share ideas, encourage 'daily life' mutinies (hopefully things that you won't wind up as someones prison bitch for the next 30 years by doing *hint*), give each other pats on the back for being rebels, and, we hope, wind up naked and liquored up on the free booze afterward.

We are attempting to overthrow the authority of the (clothed) state. We are attempting to bring chaos to the masses. We are attempting to bring the world to it's knees. And yes, the booze and nakedness. OH YES!!


**Please feel free to post your mutinous ideas, suggestions for everyday revolts, and amusing anecdotes of insurrection. If you have succeeded (or not *wink*) with your rebellion or someone else's, comment to them or post, giving details of your accomplished mission.

Remember though, no one wants to be a prison bitch, bunked up with Bubba, so keep it safe! ;)

Now let's get this naked revolution started! *hands out the booze and discards the encumbering clothes*