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Security gates [Dec. 18th, 2006*10:55 pm]
The United Naked Nations


EAS (electronic article surveillance) systems are the boon of every shopper's existence. When these tag and alarm systems go off people will immediately look at you with suspicion, after all you must have stolen something if you set off the loss prevention device; strangely enough they have forgotten that at some point it has happened to them. These security systems deserve our attention to help us break free from this collective consciousness.

The First Revolution

With the use of those metal strips that set off security gates (looking into how to obtain these metal strips) you nonchalantly exit store of choice. Alarm buzzes. Look quickly towards security guard, towards carry-on bag and run.

OR enter store of choice. Put metal strips on items of shoppers and sit back and enjoy as the alarm buzzes for every customer that exits the establishment.

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